Greg Humphreys




Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to visit this website, and I hope that you enjoy the work on these pages.


I am a self taught Leeds (UK) born and based artist who left school with no formal art qualifications whatsoever.


Most of my work is done in black ink. I use the wonderful rOtring Isograph pen, with a 0.1mm nib, and draw on A4 cartridge paper. My style is mainly a form of 'pointillism.' This, in simpler terms, means that I use miniscule dots, in different depths and saturations.. to give differents shades of greyscale and black. Slow and painstaking, but also therapeutic and relaxing.. my life's passion!


Thank you for reading my introduction... and below is more about how I work, and how I can be booked. 


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I am available for commission work of any kind, from pop-art portrait work through to still life, cars, motorcycles, icons, animals, homes, or anything else which you would like laying down permanently with the personal touch.



Should you wish to use my services, please feel free to contact me at the email address below. We can then work out a way to source / get to me whatever it is you would like me to draw for you.


I work by taking a 50 percent deposit, then at the end I will send you a sample scan of your artwork, where a final paypent (plus p and p) can be paid.


Methods of payment include PayPal, Cheque (clearance required before despatch), Postal Order, Bank Transfer, or Cash (sent with a signatured post method).


All work comes Hand-Signed, with a Signed (and numbered where needed) Certificate of Authenticity included with your piece. You will also receive a signed digital A4 copy of your work.


Please note that I also sell pre-drawn artwork and prints, which can be viewed by clicking on the Gallery link on this site.


Thank you for taking the time to visit today, your time is greatly appreciated.




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07545 970276  or  44 7545 970276 (from outside UK)









Please feel free to get in touch with me should your company require an In-House artist / illustrator to work for you on a salaried permanent or semi-permanent basis.


Please email:

07545 970276  or  44 7545 970276 (from outside UK)




Many thanks,