Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to visit this website, and I hope that you enjoy the work on these pages.


I am a self taught Leeds (UK) born and based artist who left school with no formal art qualifications whatsoever.


Most of my work is done in black ink. I use the wonderful rOtring Isograph pen, with a 0.1mm nib, and draw on A4 cartridge paper. My style is mainly a form of 'pointillism.' This, in simpler terms, means that I use miniscule dots, in different depths and saturations.. to give differents shades of greyscale and black. Slow and painstaking, but also therapeutic and relaxing.. my life's passion!


Thank you for reading my introduction... and below is more about how I work, and how I can be booked. 


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I am available at


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Greg x